Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quote #5

If You Have Been Following Me, You Now Know Who Quotes, I Have Been Quoting.

David H. McConnell is the founder of Avon.

Avon has been empowering women for over 125 years. And still, continues to this day.

Beauty with a Purpose AVON!

How to start empowering yourself and others... With a one time start up business fee of just $15.00,

You get your own personal website and blog site, You get products, brochures, welcome folder with

all You need to get started fast. Avon will support You, and award You, for your business efforts.

You can work from home and Avon will send your customers their orders when they order from

your wedsite.

Avon will also give you bonuses and gifts when you sell and when you build a team. You will learn

how to qualify when You sign in to start your own business.

What's going on right now... Sign up today, and your first online order of $100.00 You get $35.00!

You just got your business start up money back and made yourself an extra $20.00. You just made

what I like to call creating a Bonus!

So, how can I help You?
1. Buy AVON
2. Empower others with Beauty for a Purpose AVON
"Please Note Prices Are Subject To Change At Any time!"

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