Sunday, July 23, 2017


When I woke up this morning, I thought of kisses. I remembered my

Daddy’s kisses, when he would kiss me in the middle of my forehead,

When he was proud of me.

And the end of one summer when I was a little girl and my friend kiss

me good-bye, because he was going back home out of state and never

to see each other ever again.

How about your first true kiss, inexperienced, quick and awkward

For me.

But as a mother, and the very first time I kissed my new born babies,

their oh so soft skin, face, nose, neck, hands, feet and yes their butts

;-), what a wonderful and loving feeling.

Let me tell about how I received a most beautiful kiss, it was from

My husband ( ex-husband ) He helded my hand so gentle and kiss it.

What a gentleman.

Remember your  first kisses? Share it with us right here.

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