Saturday, April 24, 2021

#19 Day Of Journaling About....

 What If?

The things I have learned about the workings of my inter authority and the Maya has given me more insight into the decisions I make in my life. We live in an informational age now. So, just about anything you want to learn or get a new skill, it's available to you right at your fingertips; The internet! 

But did you know there is a greater internet available to you 24/7? It's your Brain!

Your brain is working for you 24/7 and at least 99% of our mental life is subconscious the 99%. The conscious is the 1% of your mental capacity.

So, to use your own inter authority of your brain, which is your conscious mind. State what you want and do nothing yet, until you are given leads from your brain frequencies and things will begin to show up in your physical world which leads to your goal. When you make the final decision that it is true of the thing you want, the subconscious mind will bring you the final results. You just have to take possession.

And because the subconscious mind is the seat of memory and can form new habits...all you have to begin with is; I Am Successful, Whole, Perfect, Strong, Loving, Happy, Harmonious, Healthy, Wealthy...

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