Friday, April 9, 2021

#4 Day Of Journaling About....

 What If?

Being an Entrepreneuress, I'm always coming up with new ideas. I like the idea to write your thoughts down

by starting off with; What If? So, what if you rewrite an idea down that wasn't so successful or even got to see the light of the day. You can write it in existence as an already fact. Or rewrite your unsuccessful story into a successful story.

There are many authors that teach this; Stuart Lichtman, the author of the Highly Successful Entrepreneur Training Program, Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich, Genevieve Behrend author of Your Invisible Power, is just a few books you can learn how to rewrite your story.

What if my Real Estate Business become more successful than the Family Child Care Business did?

That; in-home business created many other cash flow opportunities; that started a consultant service, business start-up training, CDA advisor, and more.

And I built it all from scratch!

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