Sunday, April 11, 2021

#6 Day Of Journaling About....

 What If?

The vision board I made in 2007 came true?

Well, I put on my board I see myself moving to Savannah, Georgia and I did, 9 years later, Lol. 

When I closed all my businesses at the end of 2006, my goals on my vision board were to start a new business, publish my book and teach other women to find their power within.

Throughout my journey, I've learned new skills and I took a J.O.B. For the last 11 years; And working for someone else is not a life to live. 

One of my life goals, were when my children grow up I would start my Real Estate Investment business. 

So, as I was running my in-home Family Child Care Service, in the home I purchase with a silent partner, which was one of my created investing skills I used. I get a Thrill from putting together real estate deals.

Now, what if I take 2021 to build an REI business that will create a lucrative livelihood for my family's future wealth. 

My daughter Princess Hiyah, helping at her Mama's Family Child Care Service. She's was raised to be an Entrepreneuress!

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