Monday, April 12, 2021

#7 Day Of Journaling About....

 What If?

Life is but a dream, and we can believe that we can achieve our dreams. 

As Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich said, "A goal is a dream with a deadline."

Speaking from experience; every goal has a timing. So, when my dreams I believe would come true one day...Did. But, at the right timing, Serendipity!

My point here is, don't give up on your dreams! Even if others give up on You. Keep your Faith your dream will come true. And hold in your own imagination and heart because it will come to you.

Whatever is the most pressing dominating thought in your mind. You think about it all of the time. You carry it in your mind so much, that you may pick up a book or see it in someone else hands. But, that's just the Divine showing you; You are heard.

Just for a little fun...Think of an Apple and watch how many kinds of apples start coming your way. When it happens, you will know how your dreams can and will come true.

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