Sunday, May 9, 2021


 It's been an journey being a MaMa!

Until you are bless with a little one calling you MaMa, you wouldn't know how it feels. When they come into your life and they open their eyes and see you...Are you my Mother? (The book by Dr. Seuss) Lol.

We see about their every daily needs and then some. 

Being a big sister, aunt, and God Mother is a little test, so you get to learn about motherhood. But they go back home.

My youngest daughter worked with me in an childcare center, and saw that it was this one little girl that took our attention all day long. If we let her get away one second she would get into things that was not good for her or the other children. 

So, one day she was pick up by her parents and my daughter took a deep breath...But at that very moment...She said, OMG! They have to live with her. Lol, so funny.

Well, as Mother's we don't really get breaks. And our love goes a long way. From the moment you see their eyes and you said..."Hello!" You will be there holding their hands in good times and bad times as long as they let you.

But, as soon as they feel they got it! You let go. I'm not going to tell you a lie. It hurts to let go but, remember all the guidance you taught them and they begin to teach you a thing or two...They'll be alright!

My MaMa told me, her Mother told her, "When their young, their at your dress tail, and when they get older, their on your heart. 

Happy Mother's Day To My Mom...Love You!💕


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