Saturday, April 2, 2022


As an Entrepreneuress making money online has been a challenging and rewarding at the same time. I can't tell you the times I wanted to start over again on something new and when I looked back at my notes I took, they all led to this one thing...Remember your Why!
I am an early childhood educator, authoress, real estate investor, network marketer and all in all a Entrepreneuress from birth.
Writing is my passion. You'll always see me journaling, doodling, taking notes and writing ideas of mys.
When I owned a child care center, not only did I make money as a child care provider, but I created another business as a consultant for quality in-home child care services.
As I closed my businesses, I wanted to find away to make money online. Using a Blog as my platform was the beginning and finding a business I could share with others to promote.
Looking back, my first blogs was my own learning platform to see how the world wide web works.
You have to get traffic to your blog and to believe in yourself and what you're promoting.
That brings me to note taking...I use spiral notebooks all the time and 
using more of my smart notebook (Rocketbook). Which is cloud-connected notebooks. You can scran and send to any cloud destination. This is game changer for many handwritten notes that you have.

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